Hey there 👋🏼
I'm Derek, a Cornell senior studying Computer Science in Ithaca, NY. In the past I have interned at Asana on the Track Anything team, Fizz (a YC startup) as a backend engineer, Amazon on the Alexa Messaging Service team, and Tesla on the Mobile App team.
I'm passionate about learning and creating. I have a variety of side projects which were solutions to problems I faced (mainly for studying), which include a Chrome extension and mobile app for productivity, as well as simple mobile games. In my free time I listen to podcasts, beat my friends at ping pong, and take their money in poker.
Favorite shows: Your Lie in April, Crash Landing On You, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Rick and Morty, and One Punch Man. Favorite movies: Your Name, About Time, The Adam Project, Kingsman, and The Notebook. Favorite books: Looking for Alaska, The Great Gatsby, Atomic Habits, Can't Hurt Me, and Solo Leveling.
I consider myself a self-improvement fanatic, and believe there is always room to grow. I've tried meditation, yoga, running, lifting, and journaling. Reach out to me if you have any questions about these, or if there's something cool I haven't tried yet!
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